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"BIL-ding future leaders"

Publié le 2018-09-27

"BIL-ding future leaders"

Known to be inspired and of a similar concept to the TED global community and conferences, BIL grew to be, over the past 10 years, an international renowned “open conference” located in 12 different countries around the world.
Founded in May 2011 by Abdelkarim Ben Abdallah and currently lead by Ghassen Fhimi, BIL Tunisia counts around 60 conferences per year organized by and for the Tunisian youth. Open to the public and entirely participant powered, BIL Tunisia features change driven and successful local speakers from various fields with a common thirst for change and raising awareness.
“To organize a BIL conference, no specific criteria are required. In fact, we are working on developing our member’s commitment to the cause and discipline. BIL is under Creative commons license which makes organizing a conference open to everyone. All that needs to be done is getting in touch with one of the managers of BIL Tunisia office.” underlines Eya Satouri, organizer of BIL: APBS.
Being 21 years of age, placed Eya as one of the youngest organizers of a Tunisian BIL conference. Having been a team coordinator in last year’s edition, and organizer of the Avicenne Private Business School 3rd and most recent BIL conference, has certainly broaden this young activist’s insights and skills in public speaking, event and resources management and most importantly leadership.
Held on March the 3rd in the UTICA headquarter in Tunis, the 2018 BIL: APBS conference, “Breaking the barriers”, covered the topic of youth integration in political life. “We believe that our contribution as youngsters is extremely important for our nation. We are all aiming to shape the world and be great leaders one day, therefore we, as of today, need to be an active part of the political cycle by being constructively involved in the decision making process.” 
Emerging from a community of people aspiring to make a positive impact and change the world to the better, BIL Tunisia is steadily building a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the country’s most inspirational thinkers and their views on local issues that needs solving. 
A BIL conference is usually a one day event, filled with success stories, interactions, and reflections about youth problems. The attendees and participants are imperatively requested to be solution oriented, highly motivated and serious about making a difference in their society. The organizing committee in charge of putting together the conference is a team of dynamic youngsters allocated among 4 departments; Marketing, Finance, Management and Communication. The organization will take several weeks and is found to be one of the most rewarding life changing experiences as members will describe it. 
With its “un-conference” style, BIL is a gathering of a group of young people and students seeking to empower others and be a serious factor in one’s country development and shaping a better future for all.

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